Monday, January 24, 2011

Leaked Documents Shows a US Unable to Close a Deal

What peace talks? You mean the US-allied diplomatic cover to deliver Palestine to Israel minus it's native born inhabitants. The US as an honest broker has been shown to be the biggest lie behind the whole miserable charade. The only step left to be taken, and it obviously will be, will be the ethnic cleansing of the occupied territories before they are annexed to Israel. A war will be the pretext to ethnically cleanse the several million native born inhabitants now inprisoned in dieing villages between the new settler roads connecting the new settler towns. The only citizens are the newcomers since 1967. They are the voters and the gun owners. The others are unwanted by this state and all that remains is a pretext to eject them sooner rather than later. And the US and its' allies will condemn slightly and then protect Israel from the consequences of its actions. The Bible says a house built on sand can not stand. I'll go one better, a house built on theft as well documented and unaccepted as this is, is a house doomed to be burned from the ground up.